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    Wednesday, July 06, 2022

FREE listing for Industry Affiliated Businesses!
If you would like to add your business, or if your company's information has changed since our last publication, simply fill out our 2016 Buyers Guide & Directory Online Application! Prefer a printed application? You can download our 2016 Buyers Guide & Directory Questionnaire to fill out and fax to our offices at: 1-212-827-0945.

NOTE: If you are already listed in the Buyers' Guide, please check your current listing for accuracy. You may also receive an editorial proof of your listing if updates are required. In this fast-moving industry we encourage you to keep your company information as up-to-date as possible!

Tobacco International's Buyers' Guide: Digital Edition!
Our new Digital Edition offers: keyword searching, Web and email links to suppliers, and a myriad of other new features!

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Tobacco International's Buyers' Guide is the number one reference tool in the tobacco industry, read by thousands worldwide. Buyers' Guide?readers include tobacco product retailers, manufacturers, supply companies, equipment manufacturers, leaf processors, wholesalers, importers, and exporters of tobacco products. For 73 Years, the Buyers' Guide has been known as the "Yellow Pages" of the tobacco industry!

Section One: International Directory by Country
If you are looking for a leaf dealer, product manufacturer, association, trade group, importer/exporter, and so on, you can find it in Section One. Section One is arranged alphabetically by country. Within each country, companies are broken down according to their type of business, such as Leaf Dealer or Product Manufacturer. When a company is engaged in more than one type of business, we place the company under what it does most and note the diversity of its activities. - Sample Page

Section Two: Supplies and Services by Product
Companies are listed in Section Two by the supply or service they offer the industry. By simply browsing the alphabetical product categories, you will find the companies that provide them. In some cases, you may need to cross-reference the product to find the supply or company you are looking for. Suppliers and service providers regularly upgrade the menu of items they offer their customers, so if you do not find a certain company under a given name, that means we have tried to list that company under the headings it has traditionally done and is known most for. - Sample Page

Section Three: Supplier Addresses by Company
Within Section Three, all supplier companies in the directory are listed in alphabetical order by company name. More often than not, the editors select the full name of a company instead of its commonly used abbreviation. For example, if you are searching for TPIL,?you would do better to look up Tobacco Products International Ltd.?because that is this particular companys entire name. - Sample Page

Section Four: Glossary of Tobacco and Alternative Tobacco Terms
If you are looking for industry definitions and terms for tobacco and alternative tobacco products, consult our glossary in the back of the book. - Sample Page

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